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Install GitHub Enterprise integration

Modified on: Thu, 19 Mar, 2020 at 6:02 PM

This article is only applicable to Stack Overflow Business.

Stack Overflow for Teams can integrate with GitHub Enterprise instances. With this integration, GitHub Enterprise URLs for file blobs, gists, pull requests, and commits will unfurl in your Team's questions and answers. 

Note: Before beginning the installation process, please ensure that your GitHub Enterprise instance is publicly accessible over the Internet. If it is behind a VPN or otherwise inaccessible, link unfurling will not function.

The GitHub integration requires a GitHub user to act as a bot account for the instance. We strongly recommend creating a new GitHub bot user account for Stack Overflow Enterprise and generating a personal access token for this user.

Once the bot user account is created, verify your email address (if it hasn't been verified yet) and log in as the bot user.

To generate a personal access token, go to your profile photo in the upper-right corner of any page and choose Settings.

In the left sidebar, choose Developer settings. Next choose Personal access tokens and  Generate new token.

No scopes are required for the access token, so you don’t need to select any checkboxes. Give your token a description and choose Generate your token.

On the resulting screen, copy the token. As GitHub mentions, you won’t be able to see the token again after you leave this page.

On Stack Overflow for Teams, an admin should go to Settings -> Integrations -> Github Enterprise, and paste the Github personal access token into the GitHub access token in the API key field.

Also include the URL for your Github Enterprise instance.

After saving this form, the GitHub integration is active and available for all users to use immediately. All new GitHub URLs for file blobs, gists, pull requests, and commits that appear on their own line in a question or answer will automatically previewed. GitHub links on existing questions or answers will not be previewed until the post is edited.

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