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Update payment method and account details

Modified on: Thu, 9 Apr, 2020 at 12:32 PM

Applies to: Basic Business Enterprise
⬢ Only Team Admins can utilize the features discussed in this solution.

We accept two methods of payment: credit/debit cards for our Basic tier and invoicing for our Business tier. We also provide some other settings to customize your payment experience ande ensure your billing department has the information they need.

Credit card payments

This information applies to: Basic Business

Review or update the current payment information by clicking Payment method under Settings. Here you can update the name for the card, enter entirely new credit card details, update the expiration date, and update the billing address for your account.

Prefer to pay with an invoice? With Stack Overflow Business, you have the option to pay using an invoice. If you’d like to set up invoice as your primary payment method, you can start the upgrade now.


This information applies to: Basic Business

Information regarding invoices is not provided within the administration pages. If you wish to make changes to your payment method, please direct your request to the support team.

Update account information

We provide some additional sections for billing related information beyond what's available on your payment settings. In order to ensure that all transactions are accurate and contain the necessary data, we recommend making sure these are up-to-date.

Billing representative

Your account information refers to the primary contact representative for your team's billing. This information reflects the name and email that will be included in billing and invoices. Review and update these details by clicking on Account information under Settings.

Cusomters on our Business tier cannot update the information directly in their settings. The page will direct these customers to contact the support team to change their details.

Reference number

Depending on where you are located, there may be additional information required for tax or accounting purposes. Use the Reference Number form to specify a VAT number, Purchase Order (PO) number, or similar. We will then include this number when we send receipts for any transactions.

Review or change your reference number by clicking Reference number under Settings. If a reference number has been entered already, it will be pre-populated for review. Otherwise, you can enter any reference number and save it to your account.

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