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Update payment method

Modified on: Thu, 24 Oct, 2019 at 3:41 PM

We accept two methods of payment - Credit/Debit cards for our Stack Overflow for Teams Basic tier, and Invoicing for our Stack Overflow for Business tier.

To review or update the current payment information, an Admin of the Team can use the left hand navigation to head to 'Settings' -> 'Payment method'.

Stack Overflow Teams Basic - Credit Card

The payment method for Teams Basic is by credit card. You can update payment details make changes on your current payment method in this section in the following ways:

  • Change/update credit card, or a bank account
  • Assign a different credit card, or a bank account, as the primary payment method
  • Change/update the expiration date and billing address of your credit card payment method

To change the payment method from credit/debit card to invoice, you will have to upgrade your Teams subscription to the Business tier.

Follow these easy steps to Upgrade to Business 

  1. Click on the ‘Upgrade to Business’ button on the yellow box on the right.
  2. You will then be presented with a pop-up window to start upgrade your subscription

    3.  Lastly, you review your details including number of users, cost per year, Teams admin name and email address – and hit Confirm upgrade.

Stack Overflow Teams for Business - Invoicing

The payment method for the Business tier is by invoicing. Information regarding invoicing is not provided within the Teams pages. If you wish to make changes on your payment method, please direct your request to the support team.

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