Stack Overflow for Teams Billing Policy

In this article you'll find all the information you'll need to know about how much your Teams subscription will cost, how that can change, and how we handle charging.

Cost of Subscription

Stack Overflow for Teams Basic tier subscriptions start at $5 a month per user, billed on an annual basis. There is a monthly plan available as an alternative, which costs $6 a month per user. 

Stack Overflow for Business starts at $11 a month per user, billed on an annual basis. There is only an annual payment option for Business tier. 

14 Day Trial Period

We offer an automatic 14 day free trial of Stack Overflow for Teams when registering. For the first two weeks, no charges will be made, no matter how many users are in the Team. Experiment as much as you need, and have your coworkers learn how to work with each other in your Team. 

Once the two weeks have passed, charging will begin immediately based on the current user count at that time, as well as the subscription plan you have selected.

Adding and Removing Team Members

Teams may change in size for many reasons. We understand that this can happen unpredictably, so instead of needing to pay in advance expectation of the number of users you might need, we use a proration system for charging that adapts as your Team grows or shrinks.

If new members are added to a Team, we will add a balance to your account based on the amount of time remaining until the next billing date. This is scaled directly on how much time there was - a user added halfway into a billing period will only cost half the standard cost for that period, for example. If members are removed from a Team, their seats will remain available for other users until the next renewal date. In a monthly subscription, this balance will simply be added to the bill for the upcoming billing date. For an annual subscription, this balance will be charged separately at the end of the current month.

Credit Card Charge Frequency

We make charges to your credit card for your current statement balance on the following schedule:

  • If you’re on a month-to-month plan

    • On the monthly renewal date of your Team

  • If you’re on an annual plan

    • On the annual renewal date of your Team 

    • On the last day of a month if there is an outstanding positive balance for additional users

Special Pricing Plans

We offer special discounts for educational or non-profit organizations and institutes that register Teams. We also periodically offer special promotions that may alter the cost of the subscription.

Non-Profit Pricing

For non-profits, we offer a 90% discount over the standard pricing. That's $0.50 per user per month for Stack Overflow for Teams ($0.60 per user per month if monthly billing) and $1.10 per user per month for Stack Overflow for Business. If you qualify for non-profit pricing, please contact the support team using this form from an .edu domain (or international equivalent) or supply the following documentation:
1. 501(c) (3) non-profit organization documentation as designated by the Internal Revenue Service;
2. Non-profit organization documentation recognized by the state, territory, commonwealth, or tribe in which it is located. The letter must be on official state government letterhead.

First 25 Free Promotion

During this promotion, the first 25 users of a Stack Overflow for Teams Basic tier subscription are free of charge. We will still require a credit card during the registration process. However, for the lifetime of the account, there will be no charges made for up to 25 users in the Team.

Charges will be made for the 26th and further users. This remains the standard $5 per user per month for an annual plan, or $6 per user per month for a monthly plan. However, these charges will only apply for the 26th and further users - no matter how big the Team gets, the first 25 users will be free of charge.

This promotion is not available for Stack Overflow for Business tier subscriptions.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

We do not issue refunds.

If you cancel a subscription, you will retain access to the Team until the end of your current subscription. Once the renewal date is reached, no renewal will occur and the Team will officially enter cancelled status.