Note: If you are a Stack Overflow for Business customer, we highly recommend you enable SSO instead. SSO is not only more secure for your system, but it will also be faster and cleaner for your coworkers to gain access as needed.

You can configure a Team with Auto-Join, so that users can join that Team automatically as long as they belong to a verified email domain of your choice. This is ideal for corporate or academic environments, as well as any other context where you can expect your Team members to share the same email domain. This system allows you to not have to send invites individually to all users, allowing it to scale both in large Team sizes as well as if the users are expected to change over time. On the user side, it also speeds things up, as they will not need to wait for an invite and can obtain access on their own simply by trying to access the Team's URL. 

To manage the domains, an Admin of the Team can use the left hand navigation to head to 'Settings' -> 'Authentication'. If the current authentication method is on Invite Only, then the authentication will need to be changed to Email 

and Invite, as shown below:  

If no domain has been set yet, you can verify an email domain by entering an email address in the text field provided below the section. This will send a confirmation link to that address, which when used will add the domain of that email to your Team as a verified domain. Once at least one verified domain has been set in this method, users will then be able to create accounts and join your Team by simply accessing the Team URL while logged into or creating an account tied to that email. 

Multiple domains can be added to a Team, such as if multiple partnered groups are using the same space. This list of domains is accessible at the bottom of the same page, and allows you to also view any pending domains that you've sent, as well as remove any domain if the need should arise.