Team Guides are advocates for the community.

During the Team setup period they are prompted to help Team admins seed content and get it ready for the rest of their company. Post launch of the Team they help reach the community milestones of hitting 50 questions, 75 answers and 100 upvotes.

When members are made a Team Guide they receive an email* with the following information:

[Inviter] has chosen you as a leader on the team to help your colleagues get answers fast.

 Tips to get started as a Team Guide:

  • Ask your first question. Lead by example. The best way to spark engagement is to seed the Team with useful questions. What are the most common questions you get asked?
  • Challenge your team. Make it fun for the team to contribute questions and answers. Challenge them to post a question a day for one week.
  • Influence conversations. Help askers get answers by mentioning team members who are experts in the subject area and adding helpful suggestions in the comments.
  • Edit any post. When you see something wrong, fix it—whether that’s a typo or outdated info. It’s important to maintain the quality of your team’s private Q&A.

*currently Team Guides only receive an email if they are invited during the setup period. We're working on getting the email sent when Team Guides are added at any point. Team Guides don't have any special permissions.