Which browsers are supported?

These browsers are fully supported by Stack Overflow Teams (current and one previous stable release only, no developer or beta releases):

Browsers that are semi supported. Not all site functionality may work and bugs will be fixed at Stack Overflow’s discretion:

  • Safari for iOS

  • Firefox for Mobile

  • Chrome for iOS

What services must not be blocked?

Stack Overflow relies on several third party services. For full functionality, the following websites must not be blocked:

  • Google (OpenID)

  • Facebook (OpenID)

What else do I need?

There are requirements beyond using a modern browser for getting the best possible experience:

  • JavaScript must be enabled.

  • Cookies must be enabled.

  • Images must not be blocked.

We also use several email addresses that must be white-listed by your IT department or whomever manages your email:

  • @stackoverflow.com

  • @stackoverflow.email