User Options

Follow these steps to integrate Slack into your Stack Overflow Team.

  1. There are many ways to create and view your Slack notifications.
    1. Admins: Navigate to your team account and click 'Settings' from here, under 'Integrations', click 'Slack'
    2. Users: Click the Slack banner on the right hand side of the site, or edit your Stack Overflow profile, click the 'Edit Profile & Settings', and 'Slack Integrations'.

  2. You'll then be presented with your Slack information. Click 'Create Slack Notification'. You'll be presented with the options menu for your Slack notification.
  3. You'll be taken to the Slack authorization page. Simply select the Slack room you want the notifications to appear in and click 'Authorize'.

Admin Options

Navigate to your team account and click 'Settings' from here, under 'General Settings', click 'Billing & Account'

From you'll be able to view all Slack notifications that have been created by all Teams users. You can also disable Slack for your organization by clicking 'Disallow Slack notifications'.


Can any user create a Slack notification?

Yes. Any user can create Slack notifications even if they're not an admin.

I'm getting an authorization or permissions error.

Many organizations require admin approval on the Slack side before integrations can be completed. After creating your first Slack integration, your Slack admin should receive a Slackbot message. All they have to do is click approve. Once approved, users should be able to create further integrations without requiring approval. You can find more information about this issue on Slacks support page.