Follow the below steps to cancel your subscription

  1. Navigate to your team account and click 'Settings' from here, under 'General Settings', click 'Billing & Account'
  2. You'll then be presented with your Billing and Account information, on this page. From here, there are 2 places you are able to cancel your subscription
    • Click 'Cancel', found under Plan
    • Scroll to the bottom of the Billing and Account info and click 'Cancel'
  3. You are able to download all content on your team using the below button


Will I receive a pro rated refund?

No, your subscription will continue until the end of your subscription, but you will not be automatically renewed.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, an invoice will be generated and set to your billing contact.

What will happen to all my information?

You will have access to your Stack Overflow Team for 60 days, in a read-only state, after the end of your subscription. During this time you will have access to a data download of your account. After the 60 days, all Team data will be permanently deleted.

Can I pause payment?

Not at this time.