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Modified on: Thu, 9 Apr, 2020 at 1:29 PM

Applies to: Basic Business Enterprise

Enter search terms in the search box that appears at the top of every page, and press Enter. If you need to refine and narrow your search, we offer a number of advanced search operators to help you find very specific information.

Note: The following applies to searching on Teams, and pressing Enter to see the full results, as well as when searching through our Slack or MS Teams integrations. The autocomplete search results that appear while you type in the search box are based on a lighter search that looks throught titles of posts only.
The BasicsReturnsDescription
termPostsContains the specified term.
[tag]PostsHas the specified tag, or the parent question has the tag.
"full phrase" or "<%#"PostsContains a specific phrase or string of special characters.
title:QuestionsThe title contains the specific term.
body:PostsThe body contains the specific term.
-term or -[tag]PostsDoes not match the given term or operator.
wildc* or wi*rdPostsMatches a wildcard search term.
[tag1] or [tag2]PostsMatches either the first or the second term or operator.
url:""PostsContains a hyperlink matching the specified URL.
Range OperatorsReturnsDescription
score:-1 or score:-1..PostsHas score greater than or equal to -1.
views:500..1000 or views:500-1000QuestionsHas between 500 and 1,000 views.
answers:..3QuestionsHas 3 or fewer answers.
Date OperatorsReturnsDescription
See the date formats below for options on using the date operators.
created:PostsWhen the post was created.
lastactive:PostsWhen the answer was last edited, or when the question was last active.
Absolute DatesTypeDescription
created:2012..2013Year OnlySearch within a single year, or a range of years. Includes all dates from January 1 through December 31 of the last year specified.
created:2012-04..2012-05Month and YearSearches within a single month of a year, or a range of months. Includes all days from the 1st to the last day of the last month specified.
lastactive:2012-04-03Day, Month, and YearSearches within a specific date, or a range of dates.
Relative DatesDescription
1y, 1m, and 1dShorthand for "last year", "last month", and "yesterday".
1y.. or 1m..Looks back to the same month of last year, or the same day of last month.
Note: All times are recorded in UTC, so the results may not match your local timezone.
User OperatorsReturnsDescription
The user operators can take any valid user Id, or "me" and "mine" which rewrite to the current user's Id.
user:mePostsCreated by the specified user.
infavorites:meQuestionsFavorited by the specified user.
intags:mePostsTagged with one of your watched tags. Only works for you (not other user Ids), and returns all posts if you have no watched tags.
Boolean OperatorsReturnsDescription
The boolean operators can take yes/true/1 for true and no/false/0 for false.
isaccepted:1AnswersHas been marked as accepted.
hascode:1PostsContains a code block.
hasaccepted:1QuestionsHas an accepted answer.
isanswered:1QuestionsHas at least one positively-scored answer.
closed:1QuestionsClosed, including duplicates.
duplicate:1QuestionsClosed as a duplicate.
Miscellaneous OperatorsReturnsDescription
inquestion:PostsThe question, or any answer under the question, with the specified Id.
is:a or is:answerAnswersMust be an answer.
is:q or is:questionQuestionsMust be a question.

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